Lefoko la Kgosi Bob Edward Mogale

I am humbled by the opportunity to address you at this historical moment which marks the era of change in our community.

Approximately 166 years ago (1847), our father Chief Mogale Mogale returned from exile in Basutoland (Lesotho) after fighting great wars against Mzilikazi warriors led by Goisen and the Boers. He bought and settled in Boschfontein with the 2 000 Bapo, the land on which we all know today as the Bapo Ba Mogale Community, which has been under my leadership for the past 31 years.

I think it is important that we reflect on our immediate history, particularly under my leadership of 31 years. In this regard; I have performed a deep self-introspection alongside change management strategy and renewal of the Mogale Royal Family. It is mandatory to know where we come from, in order for us to know where we are going.

Our community is blessed with land that carries Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) and to date we have mines mining in our area. Under my leadership, the community has faced problems emanating from self-enrichment, maladministration, greed and corruption. It could not have been possible to avoid infiltration and penetration from third parties while there were no proper systems and legitimate support – which could have played a bigger role not only in protecting the resources of our community but also investing them further for future use.

This lack of proper systems and legitimate support resulted in disorganisation, lack of skills and education, disunity and a general lack of direction on the part of the Royal Family which perpetuated non-progressiveness and hindered development in our beloved community.

A great break through to our governance issues started with the long awaited research report from Professor Samelson Freddie Khunou in his research titled “A Path of Legitimation Patterns of the Royal Family of the Bapo Ba Mogale Traditional Community: Setting the Record Straight”. The royal family is composed in terms of the traditional leadership and Governance Act and customs of the Bapo Ba Mogale community. A recent move, the establishment of a reconciliatory structure called General Royal Council (GRC) has brought peace, unity and harmony within the royal family as a whole.

Today, times have radically changed. Globalisation has had its fair share of effects, and age, sickness and non-compatibility with new ways of thinking have all awakened me to the need for change. If we are to prosper – or even survive – in these new times, we will need to change the ways we’ve been doing things and adopt new ways of thinking. In short, we need to change in order to stay aligned with prevailing environmental dynamics! Not only do we need change in leadership, but we also need to renew and transform our traditional system to align them with modern, systematic approaches. And in doing so, the Bapo ba Mogale Community will move from it’s current state of poverty to one of sustainable long term prosperity.

We wish to congratulate Honourable Supra Mahumapelo on his recent appointment as premier of the Northwest province and the incumbent MEC of Arts and Culture and Traditional Leadership and Governance, Mme Tebogo Modise. Goverment is an important stakeholder to us as a community and we hope for continued support from the new offices as our approach merges well with the premier’s RRR (Rebranding, Renewal and Repositioning) initiative.

We will be updating all our stakeholders of progress made from the policy conference held by the community where the following were achieved:

  1. Traditional by-laws to govern the incoming traditional council
  2. Adoption of a governance structure for the community in the form of Office of the Kgosi
  3. Establishment of the Bapo Youth Development agency (BYDA), to deal with the problems facing the youth.
  4. Agreement with Lonmin of Community’s immediate SLP projects implementation
  5. Oath of affirmation of all delegates at the Policy Conference

It is my assertion that the newly constituted Royal Family, together with the incoming Traditional Council will be able to carry forth its mandate as per the Act (NorthWestTraditional Leadership and Governance Act- 2005). In the same light, the above will translate into sound leadership of the Traditional Council and will yield better results for our community.

We are inspired by cities such as Dubai, Abu Dabi and countries such as Qatar which are direct examples of how good leadership can assist in the development of world class cities.

We invite you on this journey of renewal, change and transformation, to turn Bapo Ba Mogale into a formidable economic force through the implementation of the strategic plan outlined above.We promise to keep you informed and updated of every change that the Royal family will implement in the pursuit of world class governance.

Kea leboga Ditlou.

Kgosi Bob Edward Mogale