Social & Economic Development

  Area Description
1 Social Development Develop and implement programs to address unemployment and provide welfare to the aged and vulnerable members of the community
2 Local Economic Development Support entrepreneurial development in the region by means of the Bapo Ba Mogale Business Chamber and procurement from local vendors, where possible, to make a positive contribution to sustainable wealth and job creation in the area
3 Education and Training Enhance skills development and capacity through focussed education, career guidance, school visits and support resulting in economically functional and literate members of Morafe
4 Arts and Culture Preserve and celebrate our history, culture, traditions while supporting and developing local talent
5 Pharmaceutical and healthcare Develop manufacturing capabilities to locally produce pharmaceutical products and provide goods and service to the healthcare industry
6 Energy Build capacity to manufacture alternative sustainable energy products and implement initiatives to optimise the energy infrastructure in the region
7 Tourism Improve market linkages and service delivery for enhanced sustainable tourism, products and services, which will assist in alleviating poverty in the area and celebrate the Bapo ba Mogale culture and region