Corporate Governance

As a non-profit company formed for the purpose of uplifting the Bapo Ba Mogale community, social transformation and redress form the core of our existence. We understand that in order achieve our mandate, integrating sustainability and social transformation in a strategic and coherent manner will give rise to greater opportunities, efficiencies and benefits for the company, the Bapo Ba Mogale community and all our stakeholders.

We therefore fully embrace the corporate governance principles of King III as well as all laws applicable to our company including , the Companies Act, 2008, the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act, 2003 and the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, 2005. The principles of fairness, transparency, responsibility and accountability guide our direction in this regard. These principles are reflected in our values.

Accordingly, we continue to develop, improve and align our corporate governance structures, policies and procedures with our mandate, business practices and overall strategy.

Governance Structure

Corporate Governance:
Group Structure